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A Dream So Real

I glance at a dimly lit room. I enter and see your face. First, I wonder, ‘Where is this place?’ All questions are quickly tossed aside as your eyes once again meet mine. Has it already been a year? A year since we last said hello; a year since we last said goodbye? I don’t want to know why; why you’ve decided to visit me. I’m satisfied hearing your voice, ever so softly. Softly, you whisper your motherly advice. With your words, I’ll never have to think twice. You made me promise to always take care of the ones I love. Then the room slowly fades away like a flying dove. The dim light fades to black, and I’ll never forget how I awaken in this cold sweat. Tears endlessly crawl down my face as I realize the truth of that place. It was all a dream, or so it would seem. It was a dream so real. Thank you for visiting me. Thank you for letting me hear your voice and see your smile. I’ve missed it all for a long while. As you watch on us from above, I promise to always take care of the ones I love. Source: Deceased Mother Visits in a Dream Poem, A Dream So Real